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Loveworld World Choir

The LMAM Choir
The choir, as one of the sub departments of the LMAM is grouped as follows:

    1. The LMAM Church Choir

    This is the LMAM choir of a church unit or local assembly of our Christ Embassy Churches, Children’s Church, Outreach Fellowships or BLW Campus fellowships. These choirs, though a vital part of their local assemblies, are a functional part of the LMM and therefore receive directives from the LMAM and report to her.

    Consequently the activities of these choirs are designed by and monitored by the LMAM through the LMAM Central Admin Office and her designated officials

  1. LMAM Group Mass Choir

This is the pool of all the LMM choirs within a Church Group, and these, minister at programs at Group levels.

  1. LMAM Zone Mass Choir

Refers to the pool of all LMM choirs within a zone, comprising its constituting Group Mass Choirs, and these, minister at ministry programs at the Zone level.

  1. LMAM Regional Mass Choir

Is the pool of all the mass choirs within any region of the BLW, and this comprises the entire Zone Mass Choirs in that Region. These Regional mass choirs minister at ministry programs at Regional levels and National levels.

The Role Of The Choir In The Local Assembly

Our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has told us that music plays a supportive role in the church and this is the persuasion of the LMM. We believe that the music ministry does not stand on its own, but rather is a product of the church from which it stems. This is why the LMM lays emphasis on our music ministers being notably committed in their local assemblies; and more importantly because the Word we receive in our local assemblies is the content and life of the music produced by the members of the LMM.


Music is an intrinsic part of the Christ Embassy Churches and fellowships, and this was made so by the Holy Spirit through the President of this great ministry, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


  1. Starting A Choir

All that’s required to start an LMM choir is a musically inclined member of the BLW in our churches, outreach or campus fellowships, who understands the vision of the LMM. A choir may start with just a couple of individuals, but should not remain that way. The choirs of the LMM, like every other part of the ministry, are expected to grow and develop.

A choir, once birthed must be registered with the LMM, this is done by simply calling or sending an e-mail to the LMM Central Admin Office after which the Admin Office establishes communication which such a choir by sending vital information to the choir and receiving specific details on the choir.



  1. Pre-Requisite For Choir Membership

To be a member of any of the choirs of the LMM you must fulfill the following:

  1. Must be born again
  2. Must be filled with the Holy Spirit
  3. Must have attended foundation school at Christ Embassy
  4. Must be involved in the cell system
  5. Must be musically inclined and willing to be groomed
  6. Must have a copy of and thoroughly read this handbook and signed the choir code of conduct adherence form, indicating that you understand and would comply with all rules and regulations of the LMM.
  7. Must have passed the special choir membership audition program which holds regularly.
  8. Must have been a member of Christ Embassy for at least 3 months


  1. LMM Training Programs, Conferences And Conventions

The LMM holds these programs with her choirs at different levels:

  1. Choir coordinators and officials
  2. Choir members
  3. Instrumentalists


These programs are held at:

  1. International levels
  2. National levels
  3. Regional levels
  4. Zone levels
  5. Group levels and
  6. Local Church Choir levels


All scheduled LMM Training programs are duly communicated to the choirs through the LMM Central Administrative Unit, and are compulsory for the specified participants.


The LMM Training Programs cover

  1. Vocal Training.
  2. Stage Ethics & Microphone discipline.
  3. Choreography
  4. Leadership Training.
  5. In-depth study of the Word as it relates to music and the music minister.
  6. Choir Administration and lots more.


Any choir may also place training requests to the LMM outside scheduled LMM training programs.


  1. Schedule Of Meetings:

Choir Meetings:

Every choir is expected to hold a minimum of 2 meetings every week. We advise that these meetings hold on the eves of the Sunday services and the mid – week services. Choirs may have additional meetings for rehearsals, prayer and planning etc, all at the discretion of the choir coordinators and with the approval of the Pastor or necessary church authorities.


Time And Duration Of Meetings:

With due consideration for the working class in the church choirs, the LMM expects that the choir rehearsals scheduled for the week days hold in the evenings.

These rehearsals are expected to run for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 3 hours. These sum up to a minimum of four (4) hours and a maximum of six (6) hours a week for choir rehearsals. This, we believe is a reasonable length of time for a church to spare her choir, duly considering that they have other activities scheduled for the members of their churches in the course of every week.


From our experience in dealing with choirs, this is the barest time frame required for a choir to continually make reasonable progress in the music ministry.


Nature of the Meetings:

Due to the limited time available to the choir for rehearsals, the LMM has created a blueprint for her choir rehearsals to help the choirs make the best use of their time, and this is as follows:


Within the 2 hours (minimum) available to the choir, each choir is expected to spend at least:

  1. 10 minutes for Praise and Worship
  2. 10 minutes for Prayers
  3. 10 minutes to share the Word
  4. The rest of the time may be used for rehearsals at the discretion of the choir coordinator.


The choir is also expected to have other kinds of meetings outside rehearsals like Prayer & Fasting Meetings, Leaders forums, Love Feasts, Get acquainted, Inductions etc.


Venues Of The Meetings:

While the Choir Coordinators’ Training Programs and the General Mass Choir Rehearsals hold at the Zone Head Quarters or an appropriate venue for such a meeting, the Group Mass Choir Rehearsals should hold at a designated church/venue within the Group with the appropriate facilities to host the Group Mass Choir, and with the approval of the Group Pastor or appropriate Group Official.

The local choir rehearsals hold at the church venue, or any other venue approved by the church Pastor.