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The LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry Missions

The LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry Missions Unit is a unique section of the LMAM that is empowered to provide choir support and consultation services designed to attend to the peculiar challenges of today’s church choir in the BLW-Nation.

We raise and attend to peculiar problems of choirs, recommend appropriate musical instruments, employ proficient assistance in the recruiting of ministry-minded instrumentalists.

We help and assist the church to train choir coordinators, praise team, officials, instrumentalists, and choir members in the vision of our Man of God; Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome PhD, DD, DsC and the LW-Nation, preparing them for their immediate local church and for global impact.


Empowering the Music Ministry of the church with necessary and progressive information for musical development.


Equipping and re-culturing the music minister


To raise the best and most effective choral team ready to work diligently with the ministry in achieving set task.


  • Establish a Choir Support and Consultation office for the Department, designed to receive and attend to the peculiar challenges of the choirs in the ministry.
  • Work with the LoveWorld Music Academy to schedule and hold regular training programs, summits, and seminars for different categories of choir members – coordinators, officials, instrumentalists, Praise Teams and choir members designed to establish them in the vision of the LMAM and train them for global impact.
  • Assist churches in raising their choirs, acquiring appropriate music instruments, employing, raising and training instrumentalists and provide a host of other services designed to establish their choirs and their music ministry.
  • Offer professional assistance to the choirs, churches and Zones in organizing various kinds of concerts as desired by the choir, churches and zones.
  • Plan concerts with the choirs for the churches.
  • Work with the LMAM Zonal Coordinators to achieve the goals and targets of the LMAM and the Zone.
  • Organize strategically planned visitations to churches, zones and regions for their assessments and training.
  • Pioneer choirs for the churches that do not have choirs and offer music/choir consultancy services for the churches
  • Ensure the adherence of the choirs to the directives of the LMAM choir handbook.
  • Ensure choir members in the zone are motivated to pay their dues regularly.
  • Establish a vibrant platform on the LMAM Website for the LMAM Missions.


  • Choir Support and Consultation
  • Vocal appreciation training and workshops
  • Organization of Concerts
  • Production of educative and informative materials
  • Training and mentoring of musicians
  • Recommendation/acquisition of required instruments for the churches
  • Recruitment/posting of musicians to our churches


We take the peculiar needs of the particular church we are training and address it. Peculiar needs in relations to leading worship, the Purpose of the Choir, Music & Ministry, Vocal Appreciation (Practical Exercises), Mastering the Art of Music, Choir Growth & Development {Factors that affect choir growth, development & efficiency}, and Instrumentation/Instrumentalist Training.

A minimum of two weeks intensive training is carried out; with workshop classes and then the Loud and Clear concert, that is an exam for the trainees.


We employ the services of the LoveWorld Music Academy for intense and extensive training programs that are required for the choirs.


Training/ workshop CE Mafoluku Group church in raising their choirs.

The CE Mafoluku training of the Choir started in January with 6 facilitators and 2 sessions.

The LMAM missions’ team began series of prayer and planning with the choir heads from the 4th of January 2016. This prayer and planning meetings were held 4 times a week in lieu of the training program that started on the 11th of January and ended on the 12th of January

We had 101 in attendance on the 11th and 137 in attendance on the second day.

Facilitators were; Bro Isaiah Samson, Bro Obi Shine, Bro Sam Jamz, and Bro Protek

After the training, there has been a remarkable improvement in their level of musical confidence as regards their expression and communication of music.

Sent monitoring units to continuously ensure that all that has been learnt is being utilized.

Followed up on the proposed concert and carried out a praise unplugged on the 21st of February.

Training/ Workshop series for CE Lekki Zone 5 church choir

We carried out 8 workshop sessions for the choir and also addressed the instrumentalists. The prayer and planning meeting for Lekki held 5 times in the course of the month

The creative use of lyrics, phrases and the general composition and artistry of lyrics was also enhanced.


We had a practical situation whereby after a particular lyrical workshop the choir was told to practice what they had learnt.


The voice or the place of vocals cannot be over emphasized. We had vocal appreciation exercises, which are boosters to any serious minded vocalist. Practical exercises were taught and the exercises were carried out.

At the end of the exercises they learnt breath control, how to breathe properly, how to work their ‘diaphragmic’ muscles, they learnt how to sing through the mix of transitions with the diaphragm, the chest and head tones also known as falsetto.  In total, we had 200 participants for the 8 times we have gone there.

Training/workshop series for CE Isolo Zone 2 church choir

At the end of the exercises also in Isolo they learnt breath control, how to breathe properly, how to work their ‘diaphragmic’ muscles, they learnt how to sing through the mix of transitions with the diaphragm, the chest and head tones also known as falsetto.

Training /Workshop series for CE Cameroon Zonal Church

We had in attendance 119 choir members and they had the opportunity to be in a Leadership training that enhanced their knowledge. The training held in Yaounde and Limbe

Establish a Choir Support and Consultation office for the Department

The Choir support and consultation office for the department began in earnest with a team of six facilitators:

Brother Isaiah Samson,

Brother  Audu Illesheva – Protek,

Brother Samuel Ajamgbadi – Samjamz,

Brother Obinna Okochi –  Obi Shine

Brother Zaccai Cokerson – El – Zaccai

Sister Ayodele Vincent – AY


Sister Aity Omoike – Administrative and Material Production Staff;

Bro Kingsley Udoubak – Media and Logistics Staff,


Created lasting structures for the unit

Night of Bliss Johannesburg

Bro Isaiah was the project manager in charge of ministrations. We selected songs and organized auditions for the ministers. Rehearsals commenced and were successful with ministrations going as planned. We followed up on sound setup. We coordinated instrumentalist rehearsals in preparation for the meeting.

Night of Bliss Ghana

Some of the artistes had their songs rearranged professionally and rehearsed by the live band for The Night of bliss in Ghana.

LMAM Missions Unit Website

We carried out a series of Prayer and planning meetings on how to go about building a website, which is part of our terms of reference for LMAM Missions. In March, we began building and constructing.

Preparation of CE Lekki Church Choir for FINCON ministration.

The choir performance was beautiful and the ministration went as planned. The parts where properly sung and the delivery was fluid.