LMAM | Derizo Concert
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Derizo Concert


The LMAM Deriso Concerts are Outreach Concerts of the LMAM particularly designed to reach out with the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through music and creative art and with the primary objective of soul winning.

These Concerts are in collaboration with our Christ Embassy Regions and Zones and strategically organized to win souls in these Host Regions and Zones and pool them into our churches where they will be established in the Word.

We understand so well that there are many who will not honour an invitation to a church service or program, but would gladly attend a free concert, even uninvited. We also understand the power of music and arts in subtly, yet effectively ministering the Word and the Spirit of God to our audience.

How else can we explain hundreds and thousands of people giving their lives to Christ after watching and listening to a series of music and arts ministrations at a Concert and no ‘message preached’? This is because our potent message was wrapped up in the music and arts ministrations they could relate with.

The LMAM Deriso Concerts strategically package our awesome gospel in our unique music and arts ministrations to transform lives indelibly for the gospel.


The LMAM plays a vital role in soul winning and is committed to every directive from our Man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome PhD, DSc, DD.

The Deriso Concert is the LMAM’s unique contribution to the Vision 400 Mandate.

In view of this, all LMAM Zones have been mandated to schedule, organize and hold a world Class Deriso Concert at the Zonal Level.

Each LMAM Zone should take at least 3 months to schedule, organize and hold a world – class outreach music and arts concert with the primary objective of winning souls to the Zone.

The LMAM has important guidelines expected to be followed in organizing the Deriso Concerts and which will form the basis of the LMAM assessment of the Zonal Deriso Concert and these are as follows:

  1. Duration of the concerts should not exceed 3 hours
  2. Presentations must be excellently rehearsed and delivered
  3. Global Standard Stage Set
  4. Excellent Sound
  5. Excellent Concert Lighting
  6. Excellent and Professional Video Coverage with HD Cameras
  7. Excellent Publicity targeted at the lost and un-churched
  8. Excellent In – house publicity for optimal participation of members of the Zone
  9. Excellent Publicity and hype on all ministry platforms and social networks
  10. Excellent Uniforms and Costumes of all Music and Arts Ministers
  11. A Full Dress Rehearsal on the eve of the program
  12. Live Streaming of the Concert on CEFlix
  13. A Call To Salvation by the Zonal Pastor or a Minister approved by the Zonal Pastor
  14. Bountiful harvest of souls